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Benvido ás túas novas funcións! :) --[[Usuario:Agremon|Agremon]] ([[Conversa usuario:Agremon|conversa]]) 13 de Xaneiro de 2016 ás 08:52 (UTC)
== User [[Especial:Contribucións/Babel_AutoCreate|Babel_AutoCreate]] ==
Hello Banjo! Sorry for writing in English, bu I don't speak galician. All the category creations of this bot must be deleted since they are malformed. (see [[m:Special:Permalink/15447542#Badly_named_Babel_AutoCreate_categories]]) Since they are too many and I don't want to flood the recent cahnges I will not tag them for deletion. I also will not delete them myself using my Global sysop rights since there are active admins here, but if you don't mind I would be happy to help deleting them. Regards. --[[Usuario:Ah3kal|Ah3kal]] ([[Conversa usuario:Ah3kal|conversa]]) 10 de abril de 2016 ás 07:25 (UTC)